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Here at Dawson we manage a diverse collection of landscaping contracts. One of these is California Parks, a private development centered around a pastoral chain of lakes. Our team curates the landscaping experience, maintaining and crafting a safe and inspiring community space for the entire development.

We redefine the outdoors in customer centric experiences

Our Services

Let’s defy expectations & redefine the possiblity of your great outdoors.

Professional Grounds

We can help you design your professional grounds into spaces that bond with clients by putting the customer at the center of every design decision.

Arbor Health

We have specialists in tree health available to help turn your outdoors into green luscious spaces. 

Development Maintenence

Our highly scalable team can work on any level, from public works, professional plazas, to subdevelopments, we do everything.

Public Reclaimation

Our design centric approach redefines the limits of possible for your outdoor spaces.

1444 Nord Avenue

Chico, Calif., 95926, USA

(530) 343-0384